Home to the world's smallest and fastest 32-bit multi-threaded RISC processor core

Chip Design

We provide chip design services including custom microprocessors, peripheral devices and algorithmic accelerators.

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Cloud Administration

We provide cloud administration services to maintain, manage and monitor your private IaaS and PaaS infrastructure.

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Code Development

We provide bespoke software development ranging from web applications, operating systems, and cloud services.

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We provide a range of boutique consulting services including engineering design, technical training and project management.

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Elegance There is an ineffable quality to some technology, described by its creators as concinnitous, or technically sweet, or a nice hack – signs that it was made with great care by one who was not only motivated but inspired. [Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age]
About Us


Our projects cover the range from chip design through to web applications.


The world's smallest and fastest 32-bit multi-threaded RISC microprocessor core.

Optimised real-time operating system for multi-threading hardware.

Port of the upstream Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) compiler.