Stay hungry, stay foolish.

[Steve Jobs]


All great engineering begins with a passion – an undying love for bringing beauty into everything. If you are passionate about engineering and technology, you are off to a great start. We are looking for candidates with the tenacity to pursue their love to the very ends of the earth, regardless of cost.


All great engineers have one thing in common – the never ending quest for knowledge. If you have a natural curiousity for how stuff works, you will fit in perfectly. We are looking for candidates who might have shoved their hands on purpose into an exposed power outlet as a child, and lived to tell the tale.


All great products are labours of love – if you love something, set it free. If you care enough to share your knowledge with those around you, it will be greatly appreciated. We are looking for candidates who volunteer readily, contributing time and energy to help others better their lives. You will be engineering the front-lines of technology and you will be challenged to change the world – that is a promise!