Elegance: there is an ineffable quality to some technology, described by its creators as concinnitous, or technically sweet, or a nice hack – signs that it was made with great care by one who was not only motivated but inspired.
[The Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson]

We are a service-oriented company, providing a variety of technology products and engineering services. We believe in maintaining a specific criteria of elegance.

Some of our former clients include:

TM Research & Development
A wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia, which started its operation as the research and development arm to support current and future businesses of TM.
Usains Infotech
A centre of excellence to accelerate Malaysia’s electronics industries in moving up the value chain by focusing on the development of high-end production among SMEs, SMIs and start-up companies.
Cradle Fund
An agency under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia that is a not-for-profit organisation that manages the RM100 million Cradle Investment Programme since its inception.