Apprentice Engineer

Apprentice Engineer


When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.
[William Gibson, Zero History]

We are hiring for a whole number of different areas and skill-sets.

Web Engineers
We build our custom web applications using C++ but other (Python, PHP, Java) developers are also welcome. We mainly work with advanced web-based systems and applications utilising powerful frameworks and technologies.
Software Engineers
We largely use low-level C++ and C but knowledge of assembly and other languages are also essential. We mainly work with operating systems, compilers, simulators and low-level libraries coding all the way down to assembly where necessary.
Electronics Engineers
We are looking for people who grok Verilog but knowledge of VHDL, PCB, schematics are also useful. We mainly work with digital circuits, embedded systems, and systems-on-chip design using classic pen and paper design techniques.

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