The AEMB has recently been selected as the core processor for the OpenPattern OMRP platform. The OpenPattern project designs a modular routing platform using an FPGA. The target is to create a new network router that can be used for mesh wifi networks, as an alternative of ISP home-gateways and as a development platform for future open SoC projects. It aims at producing an open hardware router board with the relevant documentation and resources to build up a complete wireless router. It will provide full access to layout, PCB, netlist, FPGA configuration, bootloader, Linux distribution and wireless applications.

The AEMB was chose due to licensing, small resource occupation, cleanliness of code, Wishbone bus and performance. A more liberal LGPL license allows it to be freely integrated inside commercial and open systems alike. Furthermore, it combines high performance with small resource usage, which is crucial when using a low-cost FPGA. A clean design and Wishbone bus allows it to be quickly integrated with other cores into a complex functional System-on-Chip.

Browse here for the example source code.

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