Seems like there are two important pieces of news to report: that the AEMB has made in-roads into China; and that the AEMB is capable of booting uC/OS-II. According to the information provided at a Chinese website, a Chinese university (Shandong University of Science and Technology) has successfully implemented an SoC system based on the AEMB and boots uC/OS-II.

They published a paper on this in April of this year. The details are mostly in Chinese but some information can be gleaned from the diagrams and references. This seems like a verification on the capabilities of an AEMB SoC to boot uC/OS-II. The SoC has a number of peripherals and uses a Wishbone bus.

MicroC/OS-II (commonly termed µC/OS-II or uC/OS-II), is a low-cost priority-based pre-emptive real time multitasking operating system kernel for microprocessors, written mainly in the C programming language. It is mainly intended for use in embedded systems.

The AEMB has previously been shown to boot Linux and now it is shown to boot uC/OS-II. There should be no reason why it cannot boot other operating systems as well. It should be fairly simple to accomplish.

More information will be provided once a proper translation can be obtained.

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