i. From the Home Page of the Application click on the Navigation Drawer on the top left of the Screen.

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ii. From the available options click on “HEAD” to be redirected to the following screen.

iii. Select a Venue by clicking the “Select Venue” box.

iv. Select a Category by clicking the “Select Category” box.

v. Check if a performance list like the following appears.

vi. Click on the Award for any Performance that you would like to change the award for.

vii. From the various options that appear choose the award that you would like to give and see the change reflected in the list immediately.

viii. Once all the Awards have been finalized click on the Bookmark button on the top right corner of the screen.

ix. Click on the Bookmark button on the popup dialog box to submit the finalized scores.

Disclaimer: The results can no longer be changed once finalized.

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